Beijing VCA Laser Technology Co., Ltd.

Date: 27th April 2015
the best teeth whitening 810nm Teeth Whitening VH5

1.Teeth Whitening
2.Treat and improve: senile or hereditary yellow teeth, black teeth, tetracycline teeth, dental fluorosis, exogenous pigment teeth(Coffee, tea, tobacco stains deposition), drug-induced discolored teeth, genetic pigment teeth.
3.Remove tartar, plaque, pigment, tea stains, smoke spot on the teeth, restore teeth white and healthy color.
4.Anti-inflammatory, bactericidal, protect teeth and oral hygiene.
1. Long lasting and unique fiber technology Gentle and Comfortable.
2. Safety, no downtime, no bleeding, no pain.
3. Long time effect last ,usually could up to 3~5 year.
4. High Performance to Cost Ratio
5. No Injections
6. Minimal thermal degeneration
7. TUV ISO13485 , CE approved